Firegent – Data Extraction

Why Firegent?

It all started when the pandemic hit. An energy subcontractor hit a snag; how can the Finance department manage, track and process invoices when the team is working remotely?

Even though they use Oracle Netsuite for their invoice processing, their workflow is manual and wasn’t designed for remote work.

The problems are:

  • Many Purchase Order (PO) and non-PO invoices are coming in through emails.
  • They still receive some paper invoices.
  • Coordinating invoice processing through emails is messy.
  • Invoices are still manually keyed-in.
  • Manually matching invoices, PO and delivery orders (DO) is tedious.

Therefore, the management has decided to digitize the entire invoice processing workflow. However, digitizing the AP workflow is complex and expensive. It normally involves multiple systems, vendors, specialized middleware and complicated integrations.

Firegent were approached to find a solution to this and improve its workflow.

we proposed a simple solution:

1) Firegent will automatically identify both scanned and digital invoices.

2) Extract specific data from each invoice.

3) Automatically match the invoice with the right PO.

4) Automatically centralize all extracted data and links to scanned invoices in Firegent’s Qwikidata (Data warehouse, analytics and sharing platform). All data is then made available through an API to be pulled into Netsuite.