Data sharing platform across distributed teams & beyond with zero coding

Using A.I. to capture data from documents, share it and chart it

Before Firegent: Getting data from various sources and putting it together in a useful manner is really hard. Everyone is stress.

After Firegent:
Data come together with rapid flow between colleagues and with partners. Data is shared seamlessly and automatically updated. Everyone is happy.


Data is needed to make data-driven decisions. However, most small and medium size businesses don't have easy access to their data as most is stuck inside systems and documents. This is because getting the data out involves system integration, data capture, building a data warehouse and connecting to an analytical software. A feat that requires tremendous resources that they just don't have.

With Firegent, businesses can capture, integrate, and share data without any system integrations. Simply let your data flow the way you need it to.

Manage your personalized data hub

Your way is the only way to manage your data captured from spreadsheets, CSV, PDFs and even paper documents.

Update, share, filter, search and analyze your data quickly all in one place.

Your data doesn't have to be in isolation

You may be physically distanced from your colleagues but their data doesn't have to be. Whether you are in operations or finance, in another location or working from home, you can get actionable data from them.

Get shared data and updates without reformatting with immediate reusability. With Firegent, it is simple, fast and automated.

Make data-driven decisions

Visualize your data using dashboards and charts with fine-grain row-by-row control with no coding. Inter-link your charts to perform scenario analysis and see the effect of how your data is connected in real-time.

Real-time interconnected information at your fingertips


Benefit from outside data

Adding outside data like economic, industry & from suppliers to your own can provide a better 360° situation awareness to the business.

Intuitive User Experience

Load your spreadsheets, drag & drop and point & click is all you need for an intuitive user experience


Drag &drop, point & click is all you need for an intuitive user experience

No Coding

Importing data, blending tables and creating interactive charts without any SQL coding


We use A.I. to automate data capture from PDFs and paper documents. Our clients save up to 80% of their time processing documents.

Statistical Analysis

(coming soon)
Anyone will be able to perform statistical analysis without prior technical knowledge


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